Massseria Cimadomo a San Magno, Corato (BA)

About us

Masseria Cimadomo a San Magno 

Infinite, sweet, regenerating nature. Welcome to our farm, in the heart of the Alta Murgia National Park, in San Magno, among vast undulating fields that alternate with dry stone walls and rock formations. On the horizon the Castle of Frederick II.

We are in the ancient agricultural residence that the Cimadomo family has kept intact over time: year 1792 the first stone engraving. The stables and the hayloft have been faithfully restored to become locations of unique moments, like your most beautiful day.

Here nature smells of enchantment, astronomers stop to observe the sky and sportsmen ride a bike or gallop with their horses along silent paths.

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Masseria Cimadomo è un luogo davvero speciale. Venite a trovarci.
Vi aspettiamo sotto un manto di stelle.

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La nostra storia in bianco e nero

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